Moto & Achievements

Our Moto

Our main goal to create brother hood relationship with each other, our message to our members that:

“Your personal business interest can be different but join our association for common interest for the importer and Traders of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Auto Air Conditioning Market”

We are striving for the welfare of the importer and traders in Pakistan, our goal to create good environment between each other.

We are representative’s importer of HCFC quota holders in Pakistan.

We are striving for reasonable Customs duties on Refrigeration & Air Conditioning components, because we are competing goods which are coming from illegal sources and disturbing to Market from very long time, it’s also Loss of Government Revenue.

We are striving against smuggling or any form of smuggling and have been presented our point of view at different forums.

We are coordinating for various issues for our Members with following Organization:

A) Regarding HCFC quota holders any problem with OZONE CELL, Ministry of Climate Change Division.

B) Various issues related to Ministry of Commerce.

C) Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry regarding Customs duties and local taxes, unfair assessment at imports, unfair Valuation Rulings of different items and other related matters with, other issues with Federal Board of Revenue.

D) UNEP (United Nation Environment Program) who are authority to monitor HCFC Gases in the world, Pakistan is the one Country who signed the Treaty Montreal Protocol Act and various amendments on account of HCFC Gases or HFC gases or HC Gases, we have been presented our point of view of behalf of the Association.

E) Achievements.

Our Association is active part of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry; we had organized big reception in the Honor of Mr. Abdullah Zaki former President KCCI and also Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra, and communicated our problems to them.

Our Association Senior Members represents in KCCI Sub-Committee of Import, Customs and Anti Smuggling.

We are coordinating our Members Import Problems with Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry and we are thankful of them that they are always cooperating with us.

We have been part of the various valuation ruling on account of Refrigerant gases and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning components.

We are onboard with Ozone Cell for various issues of HCFC Quota holders related to quota and customs etc. due to our hard working in the year 2014 Ozone Cell awarded our Association.


We arranged big events on account of picnic and get to gather parties to create better atmosphere for members at Various Form House, Hotels from 2009 to date, these activities are available at our Face book Page. (Pakistan HVACR Importer & Traders Association)


Pakistan HVACR Importer & Traders Association.